45 Years, 45 Years

by Charles Knightley


Two seemingly unrelated incidents concerning two teenagers occurred in May 1965 in the Hampshire town of Springford. A body of an eighteen year old boy was found in the river, a few weeks later an eighteen year old girl disappeared. The death of the boy was recorded as a suicide, the disappearance of the girl was left as a missing person’s case, one of the longest missing person’s case in Britain.


After a 45 year absence Bob Saunders and Joe Cummings are reunited in Springford. They were best friends back in 1965, but things are different now. Bob has a secret that he wants to reveal to Joe, but he wants to tell Joe at the right time. Meanwhile Joe reveals that he always been a practising homosexual, even when it was illegal.


It turns out that the suicide of the boy was in fact a murder and the disappearance of the girl may have been related. New evidence, kept hidden by Bob and Joe’s old Physics teacher, who has a dark secret, leads the police to reinvestigate both cases with unexpected results.


Contains mild sex, rape and gay sex.

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The Secret of Netley Abbey

by Yasmina Knightley

and Charles Knightley 


Three children, pursued by treasure seekers, search for the secret of a 13th century ruin. With ghostly goings-on and a government cover-up of alien artefacts.



This story is set in Netley Abbey, a small town in Hampshire, England on the Southampton Water, east of Southampton, west of Portsmouth. The town takes its name from an old Cistercian 13th century abbey. The abbey, unfortunately, is now just a ruin but even so it still has a magnetic presence. This has attracted many would be bounty hunters, fuelled by countless rumours of buried treasure and of course ghostly goings on. The abbey has always resisted giving up its secrets as though protected by some invisible force. Its secret remains buried with the spirits of the monks – until now!

Three children, staying with their grandparents for a week in October, are drawn to the mystery of the abbey and embark on a journey to learn the secret buried by the monks 800 years ago. Will they succeed in their quest or will they be thwarted? On their trail are treasure seekers, government agents and a man with a moustache.


Most of the action is centred on the abbey ruins. Although the places exist, all characters and events are purely fictional and any similarity to real people or real events is purely coincidental.

Some of the precise locations of events have been changed, in the interest of National Security.


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